YSL Le Orange #13 vs Tequila Sunrise

Posted by Ori on 10/27/2011
Tequila Sunrise.

As you all know I have been on the hunt for the perfect 'coral' lipstick. A friend on TMUS suggested for me to use Girlee CosmeticsTequila Sunrise from a wig site, so I did. I got this in the mail today! 
The packaging doesn't look impressive at all. It looks rather cheapo... It feels plasticy... definitely not a good start.
 The colour looks so red and you can smell the 'plasticy fake' smell from the lipstick. 
 When applied I was shocked. The colour was very bright! It's a very bold orangey reddish colour so that =  the 'coral' that I have been looking for. The pigment is strong and the colour payoff is quite good! 

    YSL Le Orange 13                           Tequila Sunrise

So it all boils down to which lipstick is better. 


 YSL vs Tequila Sunrise:
  • Packaging: YSL wins, Tequila Sunrise loses
  • Application: YSL wins (more smooth), Tequila Sunrise loses (feels like crayon...)
  • Pigmentation: YSL loses (more sheer), Tequila Sunrise wins (more bold)
  • Price: YSL loses ($50AUD), Tequila Sunrise Wins ($16AUD)
Although the Tequila Sunrise feels like you are applying crayon on your lip, I still would choose that lipstick to use when I go out because essentially it's all about 'aesthetics'. However if I was going to wear a lipstick for 'everyday' use then I would choose YSL for sure! You definitely pay for quality with this one. 

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