The Best Way To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes Feat. Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove & Dry N Shape

Let's admit it. Washing our makeup brushes is hard. It's such a time intensive activity and such a chore! The hardest part? Trying to get them deep cleaned, making sure we have every foundation and gel liner out of our brushes.

Luckily, Sigma Beauty has a solution for our problem. The Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove  promises to reduce our cleaning time by allowing us to clean up to 10 brushes at a time. The newly designed Glove features 8 advanced cleaning textures, including 2 new textures - Refined Plus Eyes & Refined Plus Face. It has two thumbs catering for the left or right handed and makes it easier to transition from the eyes to face side of the glove.

Here is a step by step demonstration on how to use the Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove.


Apply brush cleanser (baby shampoo) onto the Wash component of the glove. Make sure your brush is damp and swish your brush around on the raised texture and watch all the gunk come out of our brush. 


Running a slow stream of water over the glove, wipe your brush back and forth on the Rinse section of the glove to remove the soap. 


Remove excess soap residue on the Refine section of the glove. We saw that a lot of soap came out when brushing the brush back and forth on these raised textures so make sure to include this as part of the deep cleansing process. 


Run the brush through the Shape texture to squeeze excess water and reshape the brush. 

Total Cleaning Time: 30mins

The key to using the glove is to use multiple brushes at the same time (max. 10 small eye brushes). Make sure to utilise the raised textures to your advantage as they are there to deep clean and deep rinse the soap out of the brush. 

STEP 5. Dry N Shape

Within their brush cleansing range,  Sigma Beauty also has a product called Dry N Shape which can be a handy tool to use post cleaning. The Dry N Shape was purposefully made to completely dry and shape your brushes within 4 to 6 hours. It allows for the necessary pressure to bristles to reshape them while efficiently removing water from every bristle. Definitely a handy tool to have as one of the most common problems is the brush losing their shape over time when you're leaving it to dry. 


So, does it work? Yes, definitively. With the conventional way of washing your brushes against your hands, it can be hard to get all the product out of your brush in a timely manner. The Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove is the first product I've used that actually deep cleans in a very fast and effective way without damaging my brush. The brush comes out extremely clean, since the raised textures helps with deep cleaning. 


The New Way To Clean Your Brushes! Featuring Color Switch DUO by Vera Mona

Using multiple eyeshadows to create a makeup look is a pain in the bum. Either you would have to spray your brush with a liquid brush cleaner to switch colours or use multiple brushes, which can get very expensive. The struggle that we feel is real and we are glad to say that it is now finally over. Introducing the Color Switch Duo that will change your life and rock your beauty socks off!

How it works:

It removes the colour of the eyeshadow when you simply glide the brush through the black sponge. You can easily refill this black sponge when it gets worn out within three months. It is washable and reusable, which makes it very handy for the busy makeup artists out there. The duo also includes a centered mini sponge for wet makeup application which a is bonus when creating any makeup look.


We have swatched the eyeshadow on a flat eyeshader brush and you can see that the brush has shadow pigments on it and foil pigments that are still left on the brush. 

To remove the shadow colour and foil pigments, simply glide the eye shadow brush along the black foam areas of the Colour Switch Duo. You will be amazed by what comes next.


And voila! The brush is clean, unharmed and ready for the next shadow colour application. You can see close up that the foil pigments have disappeared and you wouldn't need to worry about getting these pigments when applying your next colour. 


Remember that mini white centered sponge we were talking about before? Slightly wet the white centre sponge with some water and dab your brush onto that sponge and see the magic happen in front of your eyes.

As you can see, the color of the eye shadow when applied wet, results in a more vibrant look that is true to the pallet, or color being used. Just amazing!

You can buy the Vera Mona Color Switch DUO on their website at: http://www.veramona.com/#!product/prd12/1267831091/color-switch-duo

Also we are giving awat 5x Color Switch Duo to Makeupsocial members. Don't forget to enter our giveaway on Instagram when you download the Makeupsocial app and follow Vera Mona on Instagram  and #colorswitchduomus regramming this image. 

Best of luck! 

xoxo Makeupsocial


Kylie Jenner Lip Color: How to Get the Look feat. High End to Drugstore brands

Let's admit it. Ever since Kylie Jenner started posting up her Instagram selfies, the beauty world has been obsessing over her lips and finding her current lip colour.  We decided to go on the hunt as well and after spending sometime scouring through different lip products we have found three different lippies that really help you achieve Kylie Jenner's Lip Colour!

The Kylie Jenner Lip: An almost 90's brown mauvey nude pink with a matte finish.

The High End, The Boutique and The Drugstore

1. Tarte Cosmetics Lip Surgence Matte Lip Tint in "Exposed" (High End)

Application & Colour: Using the lip tint, apply this colour all over the lips. You can layer the colour on for greater intensity. The pigment is strong and it offers a nice matte mauvey pink nude colour. 

Compared to Kylie: You can see that the lip tint is bordering more on the nude side where as Kylie's lips has a stronger mauvey undertone. It is probably the least likely lippie that looks like Kylie's colour out of the three lipsticks reviewed today. However the best part about this lip stain is that if you're short on time but still want that Kylie'esque feel that day, this lip is so easy to apply.

Tarte Cosmetics Lipsurgence Exposed

2. Girlactik Beauty Matte Lip Paint in "Allure" & Le Creme Lipstick in "Naked" (Boutique)

Application & Colour: The Matte Lip Paint in "Allure" is a pigmented liquid lipstick that dries matte. The colour is a rich dirty rose colour that dries lighter than applied. The Le Creme Lipstick in "Naked" is a pigmented nude and has a slight sheen but it doesn't mess with the matte look underneath. 
Step 1: Using the Matte Lip Paint in "Allure", fill the entire lip with this colour. Wait for it to dry to a nice matte and lighter shade. 
Step 2: Apply the Le Creme Lipstick in "Naked" onto the centre of the bottom lip and the underside of the top lip to create a subtle ombre that Kylie has on her lips.

Compared to Kylie: The dark dirty rose undertone of the lip paint creates a great base for the mauvey pink that Kylie has and the "Naked" on the centre of the lips gives a perfect finish to blend that nude and pink together. This colour is by far the closest we have found to Kylie's lip colour. It is more stunning and more accurate in real life. (Scroll down to see more photos later).

Girlactik beauty

3. Sephora "Royal Rose" Nano Lip Liner, Wet n Wild "Bare It All" Lipstick (Drugstore)

Application & Colour: The Sephora Lip Liner in "Royal Rose" is a beautiful mauvey rose colour that smoothly glides onto the lips. As the lighter colour, the WnW "Bare It All" is the perfect pink nude colour combination that is complete matte. 
Step 1: Using the Sephora Lip Liner in "Royal Rose", line and fill the entire lip with this colour. 
Step 2: Apply the WnW "Bare It All" Lipstick onto the centre of the bottom lip and the underside of the top lip to create a subtle ombre that Kylie has on her lips.

Compared to Kylie: The combo of the lip liner and the lipstick gives a great drugstore dupe for the Girlactik Beauty look that we are trying to achieve at the top as it was almost exact to what Kylie's lips looked like. We think this colour is very close to Kylie's lips, however the only downside is that it can border on the "too much rose" in the lips that can throw off that nude pink mauvey look. 

Wet n Wild Bare it All lipstick

The Winner closest to Kylie's Lip Colour is:

Girlactik Beauty "Allure" Matte Lip Paint + "Naked" Lipstick

We love these two products when combined together. Its the perfect combination of that nude pink look as well as the mauvey rose that Kylie's lip has. Please keep in mind that you would have to have both the lip paint and the lipstick to recreate it, without either one of them, the outcome is just not the same. You can buy their products on their website at www.girlactik.com.

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Top Five Naked 3 Palette Makeup Tutorials - MUST WATCH!

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5.  Leighannsays
Look: Natural Neutral Rose Gold look for a day out. 
Compliments: Brown and Green Eyes

4.  Kandee Johnson
Look: Sexy Soft & Sultry Look
Compliments: All eye colours

3. From Head To Toe
Look: Glamour
Compliments: Brown and Asian Monolid Eyes

2. Liza Predeaux
Look: Sexy and dramatic Pink Toned Look
Compliments: Blue eyes

1. KathleenLights
Look: Smokey Dark and Sultry Look
Compliments: all eye colours 

We love all these looks and amazed by how versatile the Naked 3 is. Which one is your favourite look? And which would you try?

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Christmas Beauty Gift ideas for under $30

It's all about giving this season and just in case you are still trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas but on a budget, don't you worry! We have got you covered. Makeupsocial has come up with beauty buys a $30 budget and all products are based off personal unbiased recommendations from the Makeupsocial community itself!

Hopefully that saves everybody a bit of time and we would love to know what you are getting your friends and family this Christmas!


Nailed Kit - The easiest way to recreate nail art!

Nailed Kit - A quick and easy way to achieve nail art for any occasion!

Hi everyone! I wanted to write a post today about a new nail company called Nailed Kit. We initially found out about this company from a dear friend of ours and thought the concept was pretty neat. 

What is Nailed Kit?

Nailed Kit is an entirely new way of getting the latest trends on your nails that doesn't require nail polish. There have been many times that we have lusted over many stunning nail art designs on Instagram however being able to achieve the designs are often complex and very time consuming. Nailed Kit offer nail art designs that are simple to apply, much like a sticker and the company has  teamed up with some of the industry's best designers to create stunning designs.

Who is behind Nailed Kit?

A young and beautiful lady, Rachel Kim is the founder of Nailed Kit. She is a nail art enthusiast herself and initially noticed that nail art is really hard to do and wanted to find a way to make it easier and accessible to everybody. 

Why we are loving Nailed Kit right now?

It is such a simple and affordable way to re-create beautiful nail art designs. It is also a great concept because NailedKit has created kits specifically for different occasions. For e.g. there are different kits for birthdays, bachelorettes and baby showers. You can even custom order a personalized monogram to celebrate the guest of honor! 

From Makeup Social, we wanted to say a big congratulations to Rachel and the NailedKit Team for launching and we can't wait for more! 

Check out NailedKit.com and be sure to follow them on Facebook: facebook.com/nailedkit or Instagram: instagram.com/nailedkit.


Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Pads

Hi everyone!

Thought I would do a quick post today about a new product that I have discovered last week that got me quite excited - the Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti- Ageing Pads.

The Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti- Ageing Pads contains retinoid that promises to deliver a diminished look of wrinkles and skin discolouration. I was most interested in this product because I've been reading a lot about retinol and how it can do wonders for dull skin but at the same time I've heard bad reviews on how it can cause irritation. With the Philosophy Miracle Worker, they have stated in addition to it's anti-ageing effects, it will minimize the risk of irritation associated with retinols, which in my eyes is exactly what I've been looking for!

So I am asking my fellow readers, have you tried this product before and what are your thoughts on it?