The New Way To Clean Your Brushes! Featuring Color Switch DUO by Vera Mona

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Using multiple eyeshadows to create a makeup look is a pain in the bum. Either you would have to spray your brush with a liquid brush cleaner to switch colours or use multiple brushes, which can get very expensive. The struggle that we feel is real and we are glad to say that it is now finally over. Introducing the Color Switch Duo that will change your life and rock your beauty socks off!

How it works:

It removes the colour of the eyeshadow when you simply glide the brush through the black sponge. You can easily refill this black sponge when it gets worn out within three months. It is washable and reusable, which makes it very handy for the busy makeup artists out there. The duo also includes a centered mini sponge for wet makeup application which a is bonus when creating any makeup look.


We have swatched the eyeshadow on a flat eyeshader brush and you can see that the brush has shadow pigments on it and foil pigments that are still left on the brush. 

To remove the shadow colour and foil pigments, simply glide the eye shadow brush along the black foam areas of the Colour Switch Duo. You will be amazed by what comes next.


And voila! The brush is clean, unharmed and ready for the next shadow colour application. You can see close up that the foil pigments have disappeared and you wouldn't need to worry about getting these pigments when applying your next colour. 


Remember that mini white centered sponge we were talking about before? Slightly wet the white centre sponge with some water and dab your brush onto that sponge and see the magic happen in front of your eyes.

As you can see, the color of the eye shadow when applied wet, results in a more vibrant look that is true to the pallet, or color being used. Just amazing!

You can buy the Vera Mona Color Switch DUO on their website at:!product/prd12/1267831091/color-switch-duo

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Best of luck! 

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