The Best Way To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes Feat. Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove & Dry N Shape

Posted by Makeupsocial on 9/22/2014 with No comments
Let's admit it. Washing our makeup brushes is hard. It's such a time intensive activity and such a chore! The hardest part? Trying to get them deep cleaned, making sure we have every foundation and gel liner out of our brushes.

Luckily, Sigma Beauty has a solution for our problem. The Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove  promises to reduce our cleaning time by allowing us to clean up to 10 brushes at a time. The newly designed Glove features 8 advanced cleaning textures, including 2 new textures - Refined Plus Eyes & Refined Plus Face. It has two thumbs catering for the left or right handed and makes it easier to transition from the eyes to face side of the glove.

Here is a step by step demonstration on how to use the Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove.


Apply brush cleanser (baby shampoo) onto the Wash component of the glove. Make sure your brush is damp and swish your brush around on the raised texture and watch all the gunk come out of our brush. 


Running a slow stream of water over the glove, wipe your brush back and forth on the Rinse section of the glove to remove the soap. 


Remove excess soap residue on the Refine section of the glove. We saw that a lot of soap came out when brushing the brush back and forth on these raised textures so make sure to include this as part of the deep cleansing process. 


Run the brush through the Shape texture to squeeze excess water and reshape the brush. 

Total Cleaning Time: 30mins

The key to using the glove is to use multiple brushes at the same time (max. 10 small eye brushes). Make sure to utilise the raised textures to your advantage as they are there to deep clean and deep rinse the soap out of the brush. 

STEP 5. Dry N Shape

Within their brush cleansing range,  Sigma Beauty also has a product called Dry N Shape which can be a handy tool to use post cleaning. The Dry N Shape was purposefully made to completely dry and shape your brushes within 4 to 6 hours. It allows for the necessary pressure to bristles to reshape them while efficiently removing water from every bristle. Definitely a handy tool to have as one of the most common problems is the brush losing their shape over time when you're leaving it to dry. 


So, does it work? Yes, definitively. With the conventional way of washing your brushes against your hands, it can be hard to get all the product out of your brush in a timely manner. The Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove is the first product I've used that actually deep cleans in a very fast and effective way without damaging my brush. The brush comes out extremely clean, since the raised textures helps with deep cleaning.