Top 4 MAC Neutral (Matte) Eye-shadows

Posted by Ori on 11/22/2011
A lovely girl from The Make Up Social requested me to post up my Top 4 M.A.C. Neutral (Matte) eye shadows. 

What are Matte Eye shadows?
Matte means it is a flat bare colour with no shimmer or sheen in the shadow. 

What are Matte Eye shadows used for?
Matte eye shadows are more suited for creating a more natural look
They usually have greater pigmentation and are good to use on the crease of the lid to shape and define the eyes. It also helps to blend the edges of other colours, without the effect of a shiny disco ball that you occasionally get from shimmer eye shadows. 

4. M.A.C. Espresso 
(Muted golden brown)

This colour is dark can be used to create the outer V. 

3. M.A.C. Blanc
(Creamy Beige)

This colour is quite light and is applied on the lid. It is used to contrast between the darker colour that is applied on the outer half of the crease.

2. M.A.C. Wedge
(Soft muted golden beige taupe)

I use this to blend out the edges of the dark crease colours to give a soft finished look.

1. M.A.C. Tete-a-Tint
(Caramel brown)

Such a cute colour to be used on the lid to give that flirty spring look which can be dramatised with a lighter brown colour on the crease.

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