Pigment Geek.

Posted by Ori on 11/12/2011
It was only recent that I had started experimenting with loose pigments and I thought it would be a good idea for me to share how you can use your pigments. 

Here are 4 ways you can use your pigment:

1. Mix the pigment with your foundation or moisturiser.
Get a small pint of pigment with a spatula or small spoon and mix it in with your foundation before you apply your foundation. 

End Result? A nice glowy sheen on your skin. That Hayden Panettierre glow! 

2. Mix the pigment with your lip gloss. 
Get a small pint of pigment and mix this with your lipgloss

End Result? A shiny and colored look to your lips.

3. Use pigment as a blush.
With a pre moisturised face, get a small pint of rosey, peach or pinkish pigment and place it on your cheeks.

 End Result?  The pigment mixed with your moisturizer will achieve a creamy blush look.

Used this technique for my birthday look this year-gave a nice bright colour on my cheek.

4. Place pigment on top of your cream eyeshadow.  
Apply the loose pigment with your eyeshadow brush and apply it on your lids. Creamy eyeshadow, eyeshadow primers as the base works the best so the loose pigment attaches itself on the lid. 

End Result? An amazing bold colour on your eyes.

MAC Pigment: Copper Sparkle

Pigments that I own at the moment are MAC Pigments and NYX Pigments (both are really nice!) 

Hope that was helpful!