Skincare Review: Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Posted by Ori on 5/05/2012

Late last year I asked the girls in the Makeup Social whether if it is too early to try out anti- aging creams for someone between the age of 20-25. The response I got was surprising and the girls that worked in the skincare industry said that it was never too early!
So I've started to notice that I've developed some fine wrinkles under my eyes. I think the major cause of it was from removing my eye makeup with a pad and that being too harsh on the skin under the eyes. I've changed my routine now so let me know if you girls want me to show you how I've changed it up.
So after reading numerous amounts of reviews online, I've decided to give Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti- Wrinkle Eye Cream a try and bought the product when I was in the US. 
I applied this at night after washing my face, using the small spatula that came with the product (you only need a little bit of product) and the next morning I could see a difference. My fine lines didn't disappear but my skin under the eyes looked more bouncy and fresh. Before, it looked dry after cleansing my face and waking up the next morning, it looked even worse.

- very hydrating and makes the skin look rejuvenated
- thick like balm but doesn't pull on the skin on application
-small jar but lasts long 
-restores moisture on the skin under the eyes
-reduces the appearance of fine lines
-great packaging

- expensive
-doesn't reduce puffiness or dark circles (but that's ok because the intention was to decrease the appearance of fine lines.)
-doesn't completely get rid of the fine lines

Overall Product rating: 7.5/10
I would continue using this, especially for those late nights when your skin feels dry the next morning or after cleaning off heavy makeup. It's a good product to have for those moments of relief and where you need to look your best the next day. 

A very small and cute Shiseido spatula that came with the product (very hygienic!) 

Consistency of cream is thick and smooth.

To my Australian girls, you can buy this product at Myer or David Jones for $77. 
For my US girls, unfortunately I think they just discontinued this product at Sephora. 


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