Posted by Orawan on 6/04/2013
Hi everyone! I recently got the BYS Caviar Nails and thought that I should give them a go. I always found these type of nail polishes really hard to apply and avoided it as much as I could. But I finally thought it was time to give these a go and see what the outcome is like. :)
1. Paint the nail polish onto your nails.
2. You want to dip your wet nail polish into the container of beads.
3. Use the brush that was supplied to brush of the excess (I advise doing this when the polish has dried up).
My first attempt on my thumb nail  :)

And then the rest of my fingers :)

BYS Caviar Nails Overall Rating: 3/5

-Beads are of high quality
-Pretty beads and nail polish combination
-Easy to apply

-Can get very messy (the beads will fall all over your table)
- Nail Polish and beads take a while to dry and stay on

Final thoughts:
Although it was at first very daunting to apply, I still managed to get them on my nails and recreate that 3D caviar nail look that I have been lusting over on Instagram. I think if you are on a budget and have been wanting to try this nail look, I think BYS is the cheapest and easiest way to achieve it!

You can purchase this product from Priceline, Target and Kmart for $7.95.